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Question: What should I do to start?
Answer: Register first. To do it, go to the link given to you by your sponsor and click the button ‘Registration’. Then you need to fill in our registration form. You will receive an activation link on your email; you need to click on this link.
Question: How can I get a referral link for registration?
Answer: You can receive a referral link from a person who told you about our program LUCKY HOME or you can contact our support team in SKYPE- lucky-home2014, and we will chose you an experienced sponsor.
Question: How can I pay for my participation in the program LUCKY HOME?
Answer: To pay for your participation in our program LUCKY HOME, after the registration on our site, log in to your account. In the section 'Programmes' you will see the button 'Pay'. Contact our support team, and they will give details of the banks for you to transfer your money to.
Question: What does the word 'qualification' means?
Answer: Qualification is a necessary minimum of partners required by our marketing policy. In our program LUCKY HOME qualification means two partners. You can invite any number of partners to your first line, but not less than two.
Question: How can I withdraw my income?
Answer: To withdraw your income, you must submit an application to our support team and give bank details to withdraw money from our program to your account.
Question: How much money can I earn in the programme LUCKY HOME?
Answer: Your income in LUCKY HOME is unlimited. You can reinvest your money in each table and earn big multiple rewards-400 EURO, 2000 EURO, 12000EURO, and 72000EURO!
Question: What interest does your company take for my money withdrawal?
Answer: The company takes 5% for your money withdrawal.
Question: If I changed my mind ,can I have my money back?
Answer: No, you can`t. Money is shared between the participants, so taking your money back is impossible.
Question: What matrices are available for me?
Answer: Using one login, you can enter one, several, or all matrices at once.
Question: What will happen if my login gets into the wrong matrix?
Answer: This is impossible because our program works automatically. So be very careful during the registration and be sure of the login of the person who invited you to the program.
Question: How many accounts can I register?
Answer: In the project the registration of several accounts belonging to one person is allowed. You can use one email to register only one account.
The administration has the right to make changes!